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Off to Another Adventure… 

…in Ireland! Yes, October 15 through 30th, Harold and I will be in Dublin, Limerick, and Galway. Keep your eye on this space for exciting posts! I will be working (Bridgett) and Harold will be “helping”…me drink hard cider.  Besides … Continue reading

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Harold Loves Art!

Harold recently helped me out at the WestEnd Celebration in Sand City. He’s a good helper at my booth. He loves to talk to folks who stop by and he gives good hugs… and this year, he bought some art … Continue reading

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Officially home

After a long train ride from Strasbourg to Paris and an even longer flight from Paris to S an Francisco, after our faithful taxi man Gilberto drove our exhausted selves back into town, and after three loads of laundry and … Continue reading

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Our last full day…..sigh…

Well, we catch a train tomorrow evening for Paris, where we catch the plane…home. Do not be mistaken, I love my home, my family, even my job, but…..this has been such a magical, snowy, Christmas-flavored vacation, that going home feels … Continue reading

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Onto the crossroads: Strasbourg

We had an early train out of Koln for a connection in Kolsruhe for our trip to Strasbourg, France. I love taking trains in Europe. They are on time, clean (except for the bathrooms, which can be a tad on … Continue reading

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Koln (put an umlout over that O)

We spell it Cologne, but the Germans spell it Koln. I will respect their way and you will have to imagine the umlout ( those two little dots) over the O, because I don’t have an international keyboard. The train … Continue reading

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New Years Day in Amsterdam

We survived a raucous night of fireworks… I mean, the most fireworks I’ve ever seen! On every street, people shot off big time fireworks out over the canals and from bridges… The streets echoed with kaboomies and firework noise… There … Continue reading

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New Years Eve

Amsterdam seems to like fireworks… Starting at 12 pm noon, the Ka-booms have been ongoing … Startling pigeons & tourists & setting off alarms. It gets dark early and stays dark until 9am ish. So right now it feels much … Continue reading

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Van Gogh Museum

We people have been doing a lot of talking….here is Harold in his own words. Harold’s Haiku from a Window Sill I see a lot from here Bikes, raindrops, ducks, clouds and sun Life of a city    

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Travel Day!

Travel Days always have the hint of anticipation, and to tell the truth, a bit of anxiety. Packing to not forget anything, giving ourselves time to get to the station, catching trains, making connections. Today was no different. We packed … Continue reading

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