Harold in the Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris.

This is Harold. He’s a stufftie who likes to see the world. He loves to travel and discover new places. 

It is probably best to say that Harold had his beginnings in a comic strip. In “Squid Row”, written by Bridgett Spicer, Harold belongs to Randie, an eccentric artist who takes him everywhere.

Harold… or rather “Property of Harold” (as the tag on his bum says) was found at a bus stop. Randie bicycled past the hapless abandoned stuffed “thing” and decided to adopt him. After some time, Randie became rather fond of “Harold” (shortened) and they became inseparable.

That’s only part of the story. Harold the stufftie was the live model for “Property of

Harold's people

Harold’s people in Hawaii

Harold” but Harold actually lives with us, Judy, Nelson & Bridgett, and our cat, Mouse (not shown). As life imitates art, we three also take Harold everywhere, as you will see.

This blog will chronicle our travel adventures. 


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