New Years Day in Amsterdam

We survived a raucous night of fireworks… I mean, the most fireworks I’ve ever seen! On every street, people shot off big time fireworks out over the canals and from bridges… The streets echoed with kaboomies and firework noise… There were yells and clapping and craziness. The sky was full of lights … It honestly felt like a war zone … Controlled by happy drunk people. I was concerned that these same people may not know how to properly set off fireworks … And after awhile, we retreated to our apartment to watch the chaos from our large window.

Prior to this scene, we were enjoying some Jazz at the Alto Cafe… The Greenfield Quintet provided some lively jazz to help ring in the new year. Harold and his traveling companions wish you all a happy new year!

Today, Judy felt under the weather; she and I have caught a bug, but she caught a bigger and meaner one… Harold stayed in so she wouldn’t feel lonely (although she slept most the day) and Nelson & I went out to do walkies through the park and a trip through the contemporary art museum … Not much else was open today. The world didn’t seem to wake up and get going before noon. Understandably so.








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