Quick Tripping Houston 

Wow. I cannot believe the weekend is over already. Harold is still trying to catch his breath… What with all the fun in such a quick weekend! We packed in the good times with family, food and culture! 

Harold won’t stop talking about the art museum there in Houston. We took quite a few photos there as per Harold’s request. I think he was a tad disappointed for not being able to trip over to the space museum, but you wouldn’t know it by the fun he was visably having! He managed to find the exhibit called “Deco nights… evenings in the Jazz Age. He is enamoured with the display of bar ware from the time. Harold loves such things. 

After the our visit to the art, we were off to a quiet evening at Dave & Buster’s for some family fun. Harold was so tired that he stayed back at Hotel Zaza while I beat Judy at air hockey and danced some old school and some not so old school tunes with the DJ. 

Anyhow… The next morning we had a lovely brunch with my cousin and his family. Harold got to meet Sage and she introduced Harold to her Stufftie pals. It was nice to meet some Texas Stuffies… A new experience. That is Cousin Chris with the goatee. 

But after all the fun, Harold did not want to leave Hotel Zaza. Me neither! 

  But we did manage to find a way to cheer him up at the Hobby airport. 

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