Off to Another Adventure… 

…in Ireland! Yes, October 15 through 30th, Harold and I will be in Dublin, Limerick, and Galway. Keep your eye on this space for exciting posts! I will be working (Bridgett) and Harold will be “helping”…me drink hard cider. 

Besides this, what are we planning, you may ask…? Dublin will be filled with time on the literary pub crawl, visiting The Book of Kells, finding Oscar Wilde, and enjoying the city. Limerick will offer me some work time, local exploration of pubs, coffee houses, if any… A  weeklong Halloween carnival, And hopefully not being drenched by downpours. Galway has a Halloween giant puppet event, And the local pretty countryside   to offer us. I’m not sure of what else we will be doing there… Sheep seeing? 

Anyhow, look for updates and photos… You can see the Instagram feed of the latest photo… So you can follow there as well. Okay, I must get some packing done… Harold is pacing already… Sheesh!


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