New Years Eve

Amsterdam seems to like fireworks… Starting at 12 pm noon, the Ka-booms have been ongoing … Startling pigeons & tourists & setting off alarms. It gets dark early and stays dark until 9am ish. So right now it feels much later than seven pm. We have walked all around Amsterdam today… Up to Dam Square and the Nine Streets… Ducking into shops & charming boutiques. We fell into a kaas shop (cheese) & came out with a local goat kaas, salami and a baguette… Dinner! Mmmmm. Now we are waiting around for a jazz club to entertain us tonight. Jazz is popular here… And it seems that they like American disco & oldies & Johnny Cash … Vinyl record shops are all over!




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2 Responses to New Years Eve

  1. Hope you are having a great new years celebration

  2. Elaine says:

    Wishing all of you a Happy New Year 2015!

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