Art & Pub Crawling

Nelson, Harold & I spent Saturday walking about Dublin. We discovered the art museum (under renovation), and the history museum (amazing artifacts from antiquity and medieval times), both free and terribly interesting! I will return when the renovations are complete at the art mueseum to see what was unavailable. Like this fellow(?) 

Harold found the crayons at the museum and a nearby bakery … 

   Later in the evening, after a stroll in St. Stephen’s Green and a fine dinner at Balfes, Nelson and I decided to take in literary Dublin and some ciders on the literary pub crawl. We thought it best to leave Harold at the hotel for fear that he might wander off. He is so friendly and gets very sloshy at bars … So I think it was a good decision. 

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1 Response to Art & Pub Crawling

  1. Wade says:

    Your crawl through Dublin puts my walk through Mass in perspective. Joy to you!

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