Dublin and gone… 

  There was so much to see and do in Dublin… Including a Very long and very informative history walk through the city.., 2 and a half hours of Irish history… From the Vikings sniffing up the Liffey (the river in Dublin) to the peaceful truce and the upcoming 100 year celebration of independence. 

We strolled around Trinity College, Temple Bar, the former Parliament buildings, the castle, and back around. 

  Harold got a little lost in all the history lessoning, but enjoyed the walk about. My feet hurt by the end… But that is what coffee shops are for!
  After our history walk, we looked at the Book of Kells at Trinity College… What an amazing achievement… Colorful Art and word, together… Like, say, comics… Except cartoonists don’t crush their own pigment and make their own paint and vellum. As far as I know. 
  Above the Book of Kells(no photos allowed), is the long hall… An extensive library of books Mr. Wilde used as a student of Trinity. Another amazing sight.
With a light rain to mark our final evening in Dublin, we had a nice dinner at the Farm on Dawson, and back to the hotel to pack. The road to Limerick awaits. 

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