Dublin-Ing around

… Until the legs gave out!

We arrived in Dublin a tad late… Tardy passengers held up our flight from London, but other than that… It was a very long but straight forward trip into Dublin. Taxi’d to our hotel where showers and teeth brushing was tres necessary. 

   Harold wanted to head to a pub for dinner and a pint… So we literally trotted next door to Bruxelles Pub where Harold, Nelson & I had some adult beverages… Nelson shared a cider with our stufftie pal, and I took a gin and tonic.

Let me just say that the brown bread i had with my potato leek soup was tasty, but the real irish butter was off the charts good!

  After dinner, we had to walk about a bit… And we walked to Temple Bar, which was rather congested with drinking peoples… All seemingly in their early to late twenties. We ducked into a place i had found prior to the trip called Art Jam … There, Ruth was a joy to talk to… Turns out, she’s a Steinbeck fan! We talked about Dublin’s where to go and not go… Limerick’s issues, and cats ownership and its ups and downs. Ruth met Harold and I introduced her to Squid Row, of couse.  What a serendipitous meeting. 

Now… It’s off to bed… For tomorrow will be full of more adventuring! 

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