Harold has been depressed…

I now it has been a really long time since Harold posted anything here on his site… He has been really depressed since we got back from France. He has lost weight, he hasn’t bathed for awhile…and he won’t leave the house. He even missed a trip to Paso Robles… For a while it seemed like he was coming around… He came with me to The Alternative Press Expo in San Fran… But then he slid back into his sad demeanor. The other day he finally opened up. He told me he misses France a great deal and wants to go back. I really can’t blame him. I feel the same way. So we talked it over at great length and I think he feels better. I shared our plans to not only revisit France, but to visit French-Canadian places… This made him perk up… So I convinced him to bathe, which he promises he will do, and he seems interested in leaving the house. Progress.

On this happy note, I will post photos of APE.














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3 Responses to Harold has been depressed…

  1. Pat Van Noy says:

    Amazing how Harold’s facial expressions appear EXACTLY the way he is feeling. So happy he is feeling better.

  2. Tom Goevelinger says:

    I know how Harold feels He needs to get away may be to Albuquerque it is VERY different from Monterey or France just what he needs!

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