A Day at the Park

Today we decided to relax in the Jardin de Luxembourg… We have been traveling around Paris and feeling the city-ness… and wanted less stress. So we took us a picnic lunch of a tasty poppyseed baguette, a delicious hummus, an unpretentious rosé, the last of our artisan sausage and for dessert, Nutella. Oh…. Soooo good. We pulled some chairs up to a bench and we et.

After lunch we strolled, let Harold watch the boats at the fountain/pond and mostly stayed in the shade. It was not as warm as it has been, but certainly hot for my likes.






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1 Response to A Day at the Park

  1. davecortesi says:

    And how did you manage un bateau américain for background?!? Another nice retreat, altho quite different, is the Promenade Plantée, a 2-Km elevated garden walk on top of a repurposed railway viaduct. Underneath it in the viaduct arches are some of the wildest shop windows you’ve ever seen.

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