Harold Gets A bath

Okay, so we all know that Harold hasn’t been his jolly stufftie self lately. He hasn’t wanted to go out, he’s been drinking more, and we hear him stomping around at night, unable to sleep.
So we took a long, hard look at our guy. After several trips abroad, on trains, planes, ferries, Le metro, buses, and even bicycle, Harold was a mess. His lovely silvery chenille was tarnished with travel schmutz and the dust and grime of four countries. His little butt was muddy from picnics in the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Queens Embankment Gardens. It was time for a bath.
After considerable research, we settled on a surface wash with some upholstery cleaner used by our favorite carpet guy, Alan Amador. On the kitchen counter, like all small people, Harold was settled onto his towel, and sprayed, rubbed, sprayed, rubbed, and sprayed and rubbed again. As gently as we could, we separated fur from dirt, inch by inch.
After 20 long minutes, Harold let us know that he’d had enough for now. We rolled him up in a nice blotty towel and then gave him a nice long blow dry.
Et voila! He is cleaner, closer to his lovely original color, and much more cheerful. Maybe we’ll all go for a long walk later ( if the sun ever comes out!)








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