The long (jour)ney…

Brig: I actually slept on the plane… It was a two legged plane trip… Leg one: LA from Monterey. Leg two: LA to Charles De Gaul, France. (There were then other legs… By les trens… ) but first things first… Our cab did not show. Seven fifteen… Seven twenty-five… Seven thirty-five… Call different cab company. Hwy 68… A bit congested… Exit cab when boarding should start… Line to check luggage… I don’t like hearing my name over the PA… Yes, we’re coming.

Harold remains cool the whole time… He’s like that… Mr. Positive.

The A380 is the super ridiculously large plane that flies via Air France… Apparently, it is nicknamed Chuck… Why Chuck? I’m guessing because it goes to Charles De Gaul… Anyhow… We had this five hour-ish layover before we boarded Chuck…. The boarding process includes multiple gates, lots of French & English dubbing, and hoards of passengers in lines. It wasn’t chaotic but It seemed a little on the “you guys need to work on this a little more” side. But maybe it was just me being in the LA airport for a long time.

Inside the plane… Different story… Well, at least in Sky Priority. We sat three across in the middle seats, which, by the way, recline with a foot rest… Like a lazy boy. Talk about comfy seating… The plane is fairly new … So there’s still that new plane smell hanging in the air. There were blankets… Pillows… Headsets… Water… All that was missing was a mint on the pillow… Well, that came later.

The plane food… Felt both like plane food and French food… We got a menu with choices which included smoked duck & ham. They were served in the little airplane food containers. And there were courses…Avec bread & wine, of course… A dessert and cognac or pear liqueur, in bottles that were Harold-sized… Then came the chocolate. I love the French. Harold saved his for later. Cognac & chocolate pour our little stufftie.

After all the food… And a little drawing time, it was time for shut eye… Sleeping on planes is usually a difficult chore. Harold and I didn’t have any trouble. Pas problem.

Which is where I have to leave it… As I am exhausted and the last one up after all the legs of today’s trip.
The trek continues.

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1 Response to The long (jour)ney…

  1. Christine Maziol says:

    Love your detailed commentary. Long flight. Nantes – hmmm. Will google! Looking forward to more trip news.

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