Packing for Harold


So, what does the well dressed stufftie need to pack for a month on the road?

Since our destination is France, the beret, of course. Before visiting France, I had imagined the beret to be a caricature of France, like a cowboy hat has become caricature of America. But I was wrong. French men and women of many ages and social positions wear berets. So, the beret it is.

Several stylish scarves, of course, worn tied in fluffy Parisian style. They make the statement that you are the stufftie to be seen with.

For this trip, I think we can leave the Hawaiian shirt at home, as well as the Mickey Mouse hat and light-up ears….no use being the overt American.

But what about the fez? It is stylish, to be sure, and stands out in any crowd. It makes you welcome at any convention. But there are political overtones. Harold suggests that we pack it, just to be on the safe side, and use it when and if we feel the time if right.

Smart old Harold.


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2 Responses to Packing for Harold

  1. Pat Van Noy says:

    No doubt Harold. You be stylin’. Love the necklace.

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