Houston arts, ZaZa and fun

 We are staying at Hotel Zaza in the Museum District of Houston… A very rock n roll, art boutique hotel… think a contemporary Warhol-ish place with gobs of STYLE! It is a really great hotel with koi in the lobby across from a painting of Frank Sinatra’s mugshot. Harold loves this place!

After a delicious breakfast of bread basket offerings and fruit smoothies… We headed to a bar mitzvah. My cousin’s first child… Harold was feeling sleepy and slept in the car. For the rest of us, There was a lovely lunch… And lots of hugs and pictures and family and tastey desserts.

 Then… It was off to The Museum of Fine arts conveniently located across from Hotel Zaza… Oh! Harold loved the Picassos, the Calder and Modiglianis. The neon tunnel gave him the willies, but he enjoyed the experience. Sadly, there was not enough time to visit The Space Center, but that would have to wait for a future trip.

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