This past weekend… in a galaxy just down the street…

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Harold spent his weekend at the Salinas Valley Comic Con… which, was held,  literally right down the street from my office. It felt like another galaxy as there were Stormtroopers and a lot of interesting characters who walked by my table…

But the fur stood up on the back of his everywhere when the 501st Legion showed up…. with VADER!

IMG_0361.JPGBut Harold loves to help at the conventions… he helped me keep track of button sales, and he made sure that all who wanted hugs, got them! Harold has developed quite a following. In fact, it was requested that he be subject-mattered in a few art commissions! He was so flattered!

Harold and I want to thank everyone who dropped by the booth… (including Vader who was nice enough to pose for a photo) and to those who helped make my con a Merry One! Cheers!

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