Onto Ghent, Belgium

It was an early start in Paris… 7:30 am. It was the earliest revelry we experienced while staying in The City of Light… Which, by the way, it doesn’t get light out until about 8am. Anyhow, we put ourselves together, tidied up the apartment and headed out to Gare du Nord, by way of taxi. Trains are so efficient in Europe. And after a cafe creme across the street from the station, we were on our way to Ghent, changing trains in Brussels. Harold loves the train, especially when he can sit in the window and watch the fields and windmills go by.

By noon, we were in Ghent… And it was a very short time later that we were checked into our centrally located hotel and enjoying a Somersby cider and a bowl of hot mushroom soup by a fire. The Christmas market, cathedral, Ghent Altarpiece and winding canals are all on the list of activities that we will get up to. But already, I like it here. Harold agrees…

Oh, and we love & will miss you, Paris. Xoxoxo.


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