Notre Jour de Paris

Paris is ours… We flew into Charles de Gaulle at 10 am… And after a shuttle ride into our Marais neighborhood, we set out for adventure… Lunch. Harold was starving and we were recommended the Italian Style Cafe not far from our apartment rental. After a tasty lunch & a rest, there was a dinner reservation at Vagenende on Blvd. St. Germaine and a lovely walk proceeding it. Harold was jet lagged and sat it out.

The bells of Notre Dame greeted us like old friends as we walked by the large Christmas tree and the line for mass. It was chilly and the heavy coats we wore helped keep us warm.

Dinner was seafood … I had delectable scallops, Judy had pike….and some over indulging in the dessert department was necessary … However, there was a 3 kilometer walk back to our place. So less guilt.










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2 Responses to Notre Jour de Paris

  1. Elaine says:

    Were those scallops GMO’d or what? They are so big! I’m so hungry now after seeing them. OMG! Amazing.

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