Day Trip to Angers


Harold really enjoys taking the train places. This morning, we woke him up rather early (7am) to catch a train to Angers for a day trip, It’s about a 40 minute trek back towards Paris from Nantes. The train we boarded was running late (unusual and due to rain)… It was the fast train to Paris, and when the announcement came over the speaker, the whole train groaned (except us because we were slow in understanding what was being said). A nice Woman explained that there was a slow train to Angers, and we needed to get change trains.

We arrived late into Angers with rainy skies but smiles. We bought a day pass that allowed us to see the major attractions. We visited the art museum, the museum of David of Angers (sculptor extroidinaire) and the Chateau D’Angers. All three were rather amazing. The Chateau was the birthplace of Roi Rene… Beloved French monarch of Angers & Provence. He brought arts and viniculture to the area… And apparently he was an all around great guy.

Also at the castle, is the Apocalypse Tapestry… An amazing tapestry woven around 1382. What an incredible work of art! We had to buy a book… It was too much to take in at once! It was rather dark in the viewing room and Harold couldn’t see very well… He only has the one eye.

Lunch at the Musee des Beaux Arts… Cafe at St. Martin Cafe… Harold slept on the train home… Tired wittle stufftie. The day wore us out, too!

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1 Response to Day Trip to Angers

  1. Pat Van Noy says:

    It’s AMAZING. Harold’s expressions seem change depending on the location and situation.

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