To The City

We took Harold to The City (that’s what San Francisco-ans like to call their place of

Harold at CAM's Door

Harold at CAM’s Door

home-age)… we had some business to do. I had the Cartoon Art Museum to see and Judy and Nelson had some wine to drink at The Zin Fest (at the Concourse). Granted, Harold would’ve been happy to go to either venue (he’s a bit of a lush), but I managed to persuade him to see the almost-ending SketchTravel exhibition at CAM. 

IMG_2653Harold & I were pretty impressed with not just the SketchTravel show, but the ParaNorman exhibit as well! The former show displayed reproductions of a sketchbook passed hand to hand to amazing artists all over the world. The result was amazing illustrations by over 70 artists… and the completed book was auctioned off for charity (building libraries around the world).

The ParaNorman exhibit was a surprise. Neither of us had seen it… but like the Coraline exhibition, (a few years ago… ALSO at CAM), it made me want to see the movie. Netflix, baby. Harold sat and looked at the character sketches for a long time and marveled at the 3-D puppet creations and actual sets, too…. while I took photos.

It was a wonderful trip… we took the train up from Palo Alto… having parked and eaten lunch at The Counter. I dislike driving in The City as it makes me nervous… (probably even more so than driving in LA). Harold loves the train and we kept telling him that we’d be taking many trains when we get to France in July. He nearly squealed!


I left my big heart at CAM


Harold enjoying the SketchTravel show…

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