Harold’s first trip

Harold making new friends

Harold making new friends in London

In 2010, Harold got his first taste of Europe. We started our trip in Jolly Ol’ England. The jet lag is always a horrible deal… funny, it didn’t seem to bother Harold much.

Harold makes friends rather easily, wherever he goes. It’s part of his sweet stufftie nature. Here he is chatting up some of the locals.

As part of our London sojourn, we made efforts to visit as many pubs as we could and try things we’d never had before. Nelson read about a Lemon Shandy in a Tom Holt novel, and of course, we had to try. It’s an interesting combination… but for me, I can say I’ve had it, and I don’t need to ask a barkeep for another. Harold, on the other hand, would.

Harold tries his first lemon shandy

Harold tries his first lemon shandy

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